Businesses Expanding into the U.S.

We can advise you on the best structure for expanding into the U.S., taking into consideration whether you will provide services or import goods into the U.S. and your plans regarding employees in the U.S., stakeholders relocating to the U.S., and future exit plans.  

U.S. Businesses & Individuals Abroad

We can advise on the various income tax issues facing U.S. businesses and individuals abroad, including the various information reporting and FATCA requirements, the U.S. taxation of foreign income, and expatriation for individuals considering giving up their U.S. citizenship or green card.

Individuals GOing to the U.S.

We can advise individuals traveling to the U.S. frequently on business, relocating to the U.S. on a work visa, or obtaining a U.S. green card on the U.S. tax residency rules, how they will be taxed in the U.S., and how they might want to restructure their assets to minimize U.S. tax and/or information reporting.

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